Mary Quincy

Dubai w/ Emirates

Dubai with Emirates

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72 hours in Dubai.

That’s right! I spent 72 hours in Dubai, exploring the authentic side of the city. From walking around the old Dubai & its spice market, to wandering around the beautiful Miracle Garden & spending one magical night in the desert,

this short trip has been the best, all thanks to Emirates.

I got to live the complete Emirates experience by flying Business to Dubai. 7 hours of utter bliss. And who gets to say that about a flight? I received such a warm welcome and thanks to the entire crew, you definitely feel unique once you board the plane. Once seated, you realise quickly how incredibly comfortable you’ll feel for the next hours. It’s not just an airplane seat, it becomes your reclining chair to watch the best movies (on your 23-inch TV) & your bed when you start to get sleepy. So spacious & comfortable.

During the entire flight, the service is impeccable. Every flight attendant who comes to you is so attentive to your needs, while smiling the entire time (they have to be the nicest people on Earth). The food is worthy of one of the best French restaurants.

The best part is the onboard bar, which makes you feel like you are in a lounge instead of being on a plane !

Check out these images taken on my flights.


Once I landed, I got to explore the old side of Dubai during the entire day with a guide from Arabian Adventures : the spice market, the gold market, crossed the creek between these two on a little boat & walked around for a couple of hours. I stopped for lunch at the Arabian Tea House, which is a must! Such a charming secret garden where you can eat delicious local food. The old side of Dubai is by far my favorite part of the city, away from the big skyscrapers.


I absolutely wanted to explore the Miracle Garden during my trip and decided to go for sunset! I had never been in such a flower-filled park before. Every flower structure is impressive & beautiful.

My favorite one? The Emirates A380 replica covered with flowers.


The next day, I experienced something I had never done before.

I packed my bag & went to camp in the desert, with Arabian Adventures.

My guide & driver pointed to me all the animals you can find around the desert of Dubai & stopped so I could take tons of photos :


It was then time for dinner. And what can be better than having dinner within the dunes of the desert? A delicious barbecue dinner was prepared by the team of Arabian Adventures.  Then I got to sleep in a comfortable tent in a glamourous camp. The whole night was truly a once in a life time experience. So magical…


It was time to go back home the next morning.

As short as this trip to Dubai was, it still is one of the most memorable ones.

Thank you so much to Emirates for allowing me to see a different side of Dubai & to have given me the opportunity to say

“I slept in the desert!”

It’s not a surprise that Emirates is one of the best airline companies in the world. It just makes complete sense.